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About Us

The Moore Legacy Foundation, Inc. (TMLF, INC.) believes education is the key to success. We provide technology education programs designed to empower the communities we serve. Our programs include training, workforce development, mentorship/internship opportunities, and professional development services.  TMLF focuses on demonstrating and teaching the importance of a healthy self-image and the value of self-respect, self-worth, and self-identity. Our technology education programs are designed to serve youth – and ultimately their families – from throughout the greater Richmond region and the Tri-Cities.

TMLF, INC. believes in developing families for greater.  If we can empower communities, families and children to know their self-worth, the image they have of themselves will dramatically change.

Our Mission

To serve as an organization that develops communities through the empowering and educating of rural, under-served and suburban populations on the importance of health, family and career development.


Our Vision

TMLF, INC. has a desire to empower the communities, families, and students we serve to live better quality lives through service and education. We want to empower the people we serve with the knowledge to make sound decisions by exposing them to diverse opportunities.

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